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Poll application from Fanpoint

A good fan is an engaged and active fan. Listen to his opinions and suggestions and you will learn a lot. How to know fans preferences the easiest way? For instance by organizing a poll with an app we’ve just improved.

You can vote on any content type: images, videos, texts etc., which are specified by the Poll administrator. He also sets in advance the time and date of start and end of the play. Additionally, a new feature here is the ability to add content (e.g. image) before and after the actual voting time. Don’t worry – if you don’t add anything, the tab will display a standard info that the voting will only begin or has already ended.

The application has a number of basic views:

1. The first view is an image informing about the contest and encouraging to participate (if you want only the fans to be able to vote, you can add that kind of constraint and upload an image to be displayed to those who haven’t liked your fanpage yet or you can rely on the default message):

2. The second view – the thumbnail gallery (four in a row):

3. The third view, visible when you click on a thumbnail – view of a particular element to vote on with the ability to jump to the next or previous item:

Both in the thumbnail view and their preview, you can vote by clicking a heart icon. Next to it are displayed: a number of votes cast so far, a number of views of an element and a button allowing to copy a link to the item (so it can be sent to friends).
Another new feature is a clear menu to which you can add new tabs (for example, with the rules) that can be, along with other application components (e.g. buttons), visually matched (you choose from 5 theme colors):

Poll has been also equipped with new opportunities for promotion. In the menu there is a button that allows you to publish an information post on user’s timeline and we have added automated Open Graph publications.
After entering short content such as the vote element name (e.g. “product”) and the content of the publication (e.g. “I voted for the best XYZ Company product!”), you can count on the fact that if the participant accepts application’s request to publish on user’s behalf, some of his friends will be informed about his vote.
The application is designed to arrange a contest in it. You just need to use the form feature – you can collect e-mail addresses (for contacting users), ask additional questions and attach files (preferably pdf) with regulations.

You can install and test the application right away! If you have any questions, please contact us.
And for the end – the answer to a common question: How Poll is different from the Photo contest? Well, they differ in the fact that in Poll the images (and other content) are uploaded by the app administrator and it’s him who decides about the size of the gallery. In Photo contest it’s the users who upload the images from their hard disk or Facebook galleries (and the voting feature can be turned on or not). Remember this when planning promotions on your fanpages :)
Good Luck!


Natalia Bednarz

PR & Social Media Specialist at Fanpoint.com. Responsible for the big C: Content, Campaigns, Communication.

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